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Re-birth CPC roll

Re-birth CPC roll

Outline of re-birth CPC roll

The work roll of a hot-strip mill is generally scrapped after the use of the discarding diameter. Thus, the re-birth of CPC rolls is a novel idea in which the scrapped roll from a customer can be re-birthed as a new roll.

In this method, the shell of the barrel that contacts the rolled product is re-cast using the CPC process.

Furthermore, a scrapped roll is re-birthed as a new roll by welding the journal, and this is supplied to the customer. This re-birth of work roll is an original technology acheived through the synergy of FUJICO's hardfacing technologies.

An overview of this re-birth of roll process is shown in the figure at right. A roll manufactured with this technology demonstrates the same performance as a new remanufactured CPC roll in all characteristics regarding wear resistance, surface roughening resistance, and toughness.

re-birth CPC roll overview

Features of re-birth CPC roll

Economical supply of the highest-performance roll in the world

The CPC process is an ideal method for the manufacture of HSS rolls, and CPC rolls have the best quality and performance.

Furthermore, it has become possible to supply the highest-performance roll in an economical way.

Cost-saving analysis of re-birth CPC roll

Roll type Performance Price roll cost
casting HSS roll
1 1 1
CPC roll 1.5 0.8 1.2
Re-birth CPC roll 1.5 0.67 1

Achievement of a full recycling system for work rolls

The roll recycling system is achieved by re-using a used roll as core material.

Birth of environmentally-friendly eco-rolls

The recycling system for rolls and a reduction of CO2 emissions is achieved by this technology. Further, this roll type was authorized as an "eco-premium product" in FY2009 by Kitakyushu City.
This new roll is simply an ecotype roll, and it contributes to the most important current social requirement. This re-birth of CPC roll has realized a high-performance roll with economical cost and price, and this technology has established a full recycling system for work rolls with a 55% savings of CO2 emissions.

Reduction of CO2 emission regarding with re-birth CPC roll

figure:The CO2 reduction effect with a reproduction work roll