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Thermal spraying

Thermal spraying

FUJICO's thermal spraying

Thermal spraying is one of the hard-facing processes in which powder or wire materials are melted at high temperatures and then sprayed onto a base metal surface at high speed without the melting of the base material, and it causes the inter-particle adherence and the forming of a lamination molten layer. FUJICO adopts various thermalspraying methods such as highvelocity oxy-fuel spraying (HVOF spraying), plasma spraying, and wire spraying.

Particularly, HVOF spraying has a feature in which the sprayed material powders are not fully melted, and thus it is a method of forming spray coating through the collision of metal particles against the base material.

Recently, HVOF spraying is being applied to the inside of the boilers and combustion chambers of refuse incineration plants and power stations. As these thermal sprayings are done in environments that can be hazardous, FUJICO has originally developed an automatic thermal spraying device for work site field application. This device facilitates thermal spraying work under severe conditions and also enables the ability to maintain high and stable quality. FUJICO is playing an active role with advanced technology in a wide range of industrial fields, such as ironmaking/ steel making, electric power, the environment, papermaking and energy.

FUJICO's thermal spraying illustration

Product with HVOF spraying

  • Process rolls in a steel coating line

  • Work site repair of OG hoods at a BOF plant

  • Screw in sludge drying equipment