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Overlay welding

Overlay welding

FUJICO's welding

FUJICO performs plasma transfer arc (PTA) welding,tungsten inert gas (TIG) arc welding metal inert gas (MIG) welding and submerged arc welding,etc. in addition to general arc welding.
Especially we have developed high-hardness high-speed steel type welding material(HS100). PTA welding is one welding method in which plasma is used as a heat source and its temperature reaches 10,000 to 20,000℃, and then a suitable metallurgical structure is obtained for an even thinner overlayer because of small dilution.

Furthermore, the welding material used for PTA welding is powder. PTA welding can weld high-alloy material or high-fusing point material, impossible in the case of wires from the viewpoint of filling factor. We have developed and commercialized powdered high-speed base alloy in which fine-grained uniform carbide is crystallized in high amounts by this PTA welding, demonstrating excellent results with respect to mechanical wear.

In this way, it is important for built-up welding-base composite product manufacturing to have optimum original welding materials and to develop new welding material of high-added value before others.


  • Coal grinding rolls

    Side guide rollers

  • Pinch rolls for bloom continuous casting (cc) machines

    • Various process rolls for pickling lines
    • Bridle rolls for hot-skinpass
    • Table rollers for plates, sections, and roll mills
  • Pinch rolls for pickling lines

    • Shear knives