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About handling of personal information

FUJICO CO.,LTD (following, our company) performs management with personal information suitable under regulation of personal information protection law which our company offered from the visitor through this site.

1. Basic Policy of Our Company to Personal Information

Our company observes the statute about private information proctection, and it strives for proper handling and protection while all the employees including an officer recognize the importance of the personal information to deal with.

2. Personal information our company holds

Except for the command based on law, etc., offer to a third party does not perform kept personal information.

3. Purpose of Using Visitor's Personal Information

  • 1:Our company will use in the range for the purpose of [ which clarified personal information to offer except for the case where there is a justifiable reason, at the time of collection from the visitor ] use.
    When personal information needs to be used exceeding the range for the purpose of the use, except for the case where there is a justifiable reason,we connect the purpose to Mr. person himself/herself in advance.
  • 2:Our company will use for the sales promotions (with an E-mail, direct mail, etc., a product, service, and guidance of a show and various events may be given) of our products the personal information which you offer from a visitor.

4. About management of personal information

Our company carries out the required safety control measures against a database in the company etc. about a visitor's personal information, and also performs the education for private information proctection periodically to an employee,and keeps it safely under a rational management system.

5. Continuous improvement

Our company continuously reexamines and an improves the internal rules about private information proctection, and management in order to aim at suitable use and protection of personal information.
For this reason, "privacy policy" may be changed without a prior or preliminary announcement.

6. Outsourcing of personal information processing

About the treatment of the personal information which our company holds, when outsourcing about a part to all, a required confidentiality agreements are concluded and suitable management and supervision are performed.

7. The inquiry window about the personal information of our company

The personal information which our company keeps for a fixed period can be restricted to the person himself/herself in principle, and visitors can ask for indication, correction, and deletion.
Those who wish need to apply to the following reference.
We limit the inquiries to applications directly from the person (himself/herself), and correspond promptly.
February 1, 2011

【The reference about personal information】

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